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Texas STAR+PLUS Managed Care is coming March 1

Most Texas SNFs already have a plan to protect their Medicaid reimbursement. Shouldn’t you?


Nearly 80% of Texas facilities already use SimpleCFS to simplify Texas Medicaid and protect their reimbursement. A clear ROI and very affordable price make this easy-to-use software a no-brainer for most facilities.

And under STAR+PLUS, SimpleCFS users can:

checkmark   Easily track each resident’s MCO membership.
checkmark   Quickly notify MCOs of service coordination and change of condition issues.
checkmark   Timely submit and track all required forms, particularly the 3618/3619 and LTCMI.

With SimpleCFS, you can improve financial performance, automate Medicaid forms processing, and simplify daily workflow — for one or multiple facilities.

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